What Have I Been Up To?

Hi my loyal blog readers. I appreciate those that have kept me followed for the last few weeks as I’ve been pretty busy and I thought I’d write a blog post about what I’ve been up to. Just to put things in perspective, I’m a pretty busy adult these days. I work full time as

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Goal Setting And Creating Motivation

Getting motivation or having motivation to do things is what we all need to get things done in life. However after years of trying to figure out how motivation can be a factor long term, I’ve learned at this point in my life that action is how you will get the most motivation in life.

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Let’s Talk Stretching And Post Workout

How To Know If You Are Stretching Wrong? You’re stretching, which is excellent, but are you doing it correctly? Peek below to learn how to do it and if you’re stretching wrong. Common Ways You May Be Stretching Wrong -You Might Be Only Stretching Post-Workout. Many people stretch at the end of their workout but

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